F5 Workshops

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Held on the first Friday of each month, these five-hour, afternoon workshops, are designed to wrap up your working week with camaraderie and cognition. Each workshop offers deep insight into a specific aspect of Agility. Completing five of these workshops makes you eligible for joining the Scrum Academy Advanced CSM program, bypassing the other entry requirements.

Scrum Guide Revisited
An inspirational reading of the guide, and a visual, metaphorical recreation.
Deconstructing Agile
An interactive exploration to reclaim the term 'agility', and put it to effective use.
Meta-practices for Agility
Looking below frameworks, models and tools to discover the practice of being agile.
The Collaborative Scrum Team
Teaching scrum practitioners, coaches and leaders to work together more effectively.
Embracing Complexity
Maybe it's time to stop managing complexity, and collaborate with it instead.