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Scrum Stories 1

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Online, 21st February 2024

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." — Mother Teresa

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Stories of Scrum, Episode 1: Stone Soup

The first episode of the Stories of Scrum series is offered to the community with the purpose of drawing inspiration and learnings through uncovering and reconceiving the messages of age-old wisdom told through captivating narratives.

Description of Episode 1

You are invited you to join a journey of serendipity to submerge in ancient folk tradition together with all the other participants. In the first episode, we will focus on communities: we will explore how they are born and what makes them thrive. We will also reflect on what might be our part in creating them—bringing people from various walks of life together.

We will also use this ancient folk tale to explore what attributes communities have and what might be the secret ingredients of bringing them alive. So join us: let's step into the shoes of characters who, across generations, have provided an inspiration for children and adults alike. Let the story of Stone Soup be our guide as we unravel the threads that weave ancient folklore and team dynamics together.

Join us for a journey of exploration that transcends the ordinary and sets the stage for something fresh, yet familiar.

Structure of the Workshop

After getting to know each other, we will explore the folk tale. We will seek its hidden messages and explore how they might relate to us as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, change agents and facilitators—as well as humans. We will gradually shift the focus from the story to the work we do and finally to what qualities we have that will foster positive change.

For this workshop to provide a full experience, please bring one stone with you.

Learning Outcomes

There are no pre-fabricated learning outcomes. The learning is on you, but I hope you will leave inspired by what a simple stone can do...

About Stories of Scrum

Stories of Scrum is a series of stories which might, directly or indirectly, be linked to some elements or attributes of Scrum. The intention is to explore the connection between the stories and various topics and challenges we face in our day-to-days as change agents: team dynamics, corporate hierarchy and conflicts within our teams among others. The purpose is to use the stories as diving board and jump into a sea of metaphors, hoping that we will all come out on the other end with a fresh perspective in an oyster shell.

About the Facilitator

Gabor Bittera is an experienced Scrum Master, coach and facilitator, as well as an avid explorer of stories, words, and metaphors, always seeking new learnings from both ancient and modern tales. He is on a mission to facilitate a connection between his roots in Central Europe and his audience all over the world.

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Date & Time

Wednesday 21 February
5-7 pm (GMT)


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