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90-minute meetups held monthly
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A Monthly Meetup

Held on the first Thursday of each month, #Wildcard is series of 90-minute conversations on the finer points of being a true scrum master, hosted and facilitated by Tobias Mayer. Each session will have a different theme, established closer to its date. Click a date link to see specific information for that date.

Recommended reading (or listening) in between sessions:

Jester, prophet and conscience

"A spirited scrum master is Feste, the court jester in Twelfth Night, speaking truth to power. She is an Old Testament prophet, leading the people back to their true path, and he is Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, sitting on the shoulder of the organisation, its whispering conscience." Scrum Note 41, 2017

Poet and artisan

"The scrum master is an organisational poet. Her material is not language, but environments and relationships. The scrum master sits on the edge of the corporate melee, thoughtfully figuring out how to rescue lost souls from hierarchical, procedural hell, free them up to become the creative humans God made them to be, while at the same time calming the fires of hubris, vanity, indignation, and self-righteousness that threaten to consume them." What is a Scrum Master?, 2023


All #Wildcard sessions run from 18.00 to 19.30 (UK time)


These meetups are free. If you'd like to contribute please use this link. Thank you.


#Wildcard meetups are held on Zoom—links on registration.

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Please be sure to provide your name and location when you get in touch. Thank you.

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