Private Workshops

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These workshops are all available to book in-house for your team/s, either in-person or online. Click a link to read more about the workshop and express interest.

Unleash the power of deep collaboration in your scrum teams.
Applying narrative, flow, and the use of metaphor to inspire and create.
A gentle exploration of how we interact with others.
Lessons in organisational transformation from the Gospel of Mark.
Nurturing healthy relationships in the workplace is key to success.
A visual, metaphorical recreation of the Scrum Guide to understand its essence.
Empowered, autonomous workers can rise into situational leadership, given the right training.
Getting back to the true meaning of Agile, and unearthing its sources.
An experiential introduction to Scrum, with a focus on the role of the scrum master.
A deep exploration of Scrum and organisational change for advanced practitioners.
Please consider engaging me to create or tailor a workshop to your specific needs.