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"Move unhurriedly, look people in the eyes, pause, listen, reflect; above all, seek to become unnecessary." — from The Liberated Scrum Master

About the Academy

The London Scrum Academy is a collective of scrum practitioners who have all completed the Scrum Master Journey, a rigorous program of theoretical study and practical application, to become artisans of organisational and personal change, through applying the scrum framework, principles and values.

Many in this collective are also qualified coaches, others are experienced facilitators and trainers, and all of us continue our own learning journeys, both independently and in concert with one another. Every member of the academy has achieved Scrum Alliance certification at advanced and professional levels, many at the coaching and training levels also.

Here you will find some of the very best practitioners, coaches, mentors and educators of scrum, each one also a thoughtful, compassionate (non-coercive) agent of change. You can read more about each of us on the biography page. If you'd like to meet some of us in person we invite you to join us at the Scrum Exchange, a lively, self-organised, interactive event held in London twice a year in May and November.

About the Founder

Tobias Mayer: I created the London Scrum Academy in 2022 to gather together the talented, thoughtful and compassionate scrum practitioners whose paths have crossed my own as we each strive to improve ourselves and the corporate world in which we dwell.

Personally, As well as teaching CSM and creating personalised advanced and professional scrum programs, I also offer private workshops and consulting services on request, share a monthly newsletter, a daily reflection and occasional articles and drawings. Learn more at tobiasmayer.uk

Study with us

A full program of theoretical and practical study to foster thoughtful, versatile, compassionate scrum masters and change agents to confront the dysfunction of the corporate world. Read more.

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