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compassionate, collaborative, creative consulting, in-person or online

"Tobias has the ability to excite a little bit of disorder which resonated well with our group of innovators and business and civic leaders. He was able to create a group process and an environment where new ideas were shared and embraced. We left the session with the passion to make our organization grow and thrive." Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group


My consulting services begin with dialogue and exploration. I'll listen to you and consider your own, your team's and your organisation's unmet needs before making any kind of proposal. The second step is usually (but not always) group learning and education in the form of an immersive, interactive workshop. The intent is to share my experience of corporate transformation and to further discover the skills, passions and desires of the individuals in the group.

Using an improvisational approach, punctuated by regular periods of reflection, the work will adapt and alter to suit the purpose, as such purpose emerges from a shared, and deeper understanding of the situation. My consulting work is light-touch, strongly focused on structure, boundaries, individual autonomy, meaning and engagement. My intent is to create a self-sufficient environment, and no longer be needed.

Workshops for Private Booking

These workshops were originally designed as in-person experiences: interactive, improvisational and integrative. Each has been recrafted as an online experience, and I'm happy to offer both versions. Click each link for a full description. They can be booked as internal company workshops, or to be offered to a specific work or community group. I also create tailored workshops to suit your specific needs. Contact me using the information on this page; I'd be happy to learn more about what you're looking for.

"These workshops are immersive experiences that are about community, citizenship, and self-discovery. Each is like jumping into a pool: you can't guarantee what lies beneath the surface as you leap, but the fall will be exhilarating, and, perhaps, the water unexpectedly bracing." — Paul Marshall, change agent, scrum master


I offer a humane, needs-based focus in all that I do. I strive to engage with groups from all arenas, and while my recent experience is within the IT sector, I have a background in community service work and an interest in theology, which together generate a special interest in faith-based organisations and marginalised groups. My prices for working with such groups are considerably reduced, and in some cases the work is offered at no cost. Please get in touch to learn more.


I have been facilitating groups since the late 1980s. Starting with school leavers on government training-for-work programs my facilitation career has encountered such diverse groups as the long-term unemployed, newly arrived refugees, young people on probation, teenagers excluded from schools, pensioners, middle managers, software developers, lawyers, user researchers, church staff and volunteers, and city development groups. My style of facilitation is emergent, exploratory and somatic.

Kind words

"Tobias is an outstanding speaker and facilitator...very gifted in his ability to be attuned to his audience and add value to diverse groups."
— Alyssa Tool, Assistant General Counsel at Nike

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, anything Tobias Mayer does is worth going to, spending money on, and participating in. I guarantee you will get something out of attending. It might not be what you expected; it will most likely be better!"
— Simon Powers, CEO and Founder of AWA

"Tobias's workshops have been a real highlight of my learning path over the last few years. I would go to a workshop hosted and facilitated by him irrespective of what he was teaching, such is the learning experience."
— Simon Burdett, agility coach

"Tobias...beautifully reframed and challenged concepts I thought I knew and understood." — Philiy Lander, Agile Coach

Read more from workshop participants and colleagues.


More information

If you don't find what you need here, or by following the links, please get in touch with me to set up a time to talk.

Photograph: Collective decision making, by Tobias Mayer
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