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An intimate, creative experience among friends.

"Sometimes it pays to meet your heroes. Tobias was every bit (and more) as inspiring, practical, funny, humble and tall as I expected him to be." Jamie Reid, Scrum Master, Glasgow

Scaling Down

This is a fledgling idea, as yet untried. I'd like to work with small groups in an intimate setting to explore Scrum and its surrounding and related ideas. The two-day session will centre on dialog, writing, drawing and other forms of making, complemented by improv and somatic work—movement to keep mind and body awake and receptive.

...real learning occurs not in presentations, trainings, keynotes, sales pitches and experience reports, but in quiet conversation, in listening, in shared laughter, even in physical touch. Small Things, May 2019


If you'd like to host one of these Lounge CSMs please get in touch. The experience is designed for 4-6 people and intended to take place in the lounge (or when the weather warms up perhaps the garden) of the host. The host will ensure a comfortable, practical space in which to work, and provide lunch or recommend a nearby eatery. Little else is required.

More about CSM

Please read the description for my in-person CSM workshop, bearing in mind that your Lounge CSM will be a scaled down and more intimate version of this offer, not less, but different.

I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to visiting.


Please contact Tobias Mayer to arrange a Lounge CSM in your home.

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  • Pricing *

    UK: £3,600 + vat
    Flat rate for 4-6 people, includes all travel expenses.
    Elsewhere: rate negotiable

    * This workshop is for independent self-payers only. If you can claim the cost of CSM from your corporation please join one of my public workshops. Thank you.

    Scrum Master Journey

    This CSM is a requirement for completing phase 1 of the Scrum Master Journey and a pre-requisite for phase 2.


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    Tobias Mayer
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