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8 November 2024, London UK

Recently relocated to South London, the Scrum Exchange is the foremost UK event for trading ideas and knowledge—a unique exchange where everyone comes away richer.

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The Scrum Exchange is a twice-yearly event hosted by Tobias Mayer and friends. Its purpose is to bring together dedicated and passionate Scrum practitioners of various levels of experience, in order to share their ideas, insights, stories, interactive exercises and methods of coaching with one another, so that the Scrum community as a whole grows stronger, closer, more thoughtful, and more supportive.


This is not a conference. There are no name badges, no tracks, no keynotes, no superstars, no leaders, no pre-ordered corporate lunches, and no product promotion or sponsorship.

Each Exchange has a space-holding facilitator who will offer light-touch opening and closing activities, and maintain the framework for the day. The program is created on the day, by whoever is there. Everyone is an equal participant and can choose to do as much or as little as they like.

Occasionally guest facilitators will be invited to offer sessions on specific topics of interest.


Periods of reflection will occur throughout the day to share learnings, adjust the agenda, raise (and resolve) concerns, assess value and find ways to improve on the fly. Participants take responsibility to meet their own needs and to serve the group as a whole.

The Law of One Bum

Throughout the day we ask participants to honour the law of one bum, which goes something like this:

If you are not getting value from a session, stay there, and figure out what you can contribute to make the session valuable. And if you fail, stay there, and try again differently.


The event runs from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Tea, coffee, pastries and fruit will be served for breakfast, and various cold drinks and snacks throughout the day. Lunch will be a self-organized experience. The venue is close to many cafes, grocery stores and pubs.

This event is strictly limited to 40 people.

Responses to previous Scrum Exchange events

It was not a conference! — Paul Marshall

"I highly recommend The Scrum Exchange. After spending the day experimenting with workshop ideas, taking part in retrospectives, futurespectives, example mapping, listening to industry experts impart their wisdom, learning more about coaching individuals and teams (yes all in one day!), I have a full head and heart. Thanks for creating a safe, open and powerful environment to learn and grow." — Noel Warnell

"I find myself frequently frustrated with what goes around me, mostly with external surroundings to the actual scrum teams I work with. Coming along to the Scrum Exchange left me feeling a sense of complete detoxification and content. This is the power of the human interaction." — Zal Shevket

"Easily the best Agile event of the year...Met some incredible likeminded souls and made some new friends too. — Simon Burdett

"A great Scrum Exchange last Tuesday. An awesome group of people and some interesting/eye opening conversations. Thank you." — James Willis

"I had such a great time at the Scrum Exchange yesterday that I forgot to take photos! To all of my fellow Scrum Masters who came along and shared sessions, insights and solidarity: thank you, you guys are awesome!" — Samantha Webb

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Date & Time

Friday 8th Nov. 2024
9.00 am to 5.00 pm


Admission price remains as low as possible, to encourage all to attend.

Londoners: £100 + VAT
Travellers: £50 + VAT

This event is free to those attending the 7th November Prophetic Leadership workshop.

Refund Policy

Full refund within 7 days of booking (allows for error). After that no refunds given, but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another, or to carry it over to the next Exchange.


London Shambhala Meditation Centre
27 Belmont Close
London SW4 6AY
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Future Dates

Pre-book 23rd May 2025
Pre-book 21st Nov. 2025

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