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Phase 3: The Scrum Master as Organic Gardener

"A thoughtful, learned and caring Scrum Master can be compared to an organic gardener, lovingly preparing the organisational soil, letting change emerge, nurturing it, guiding the growth patiently, gently and naturally, and removing weeds without introducing toxins." — from The Scrum Master Journey

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Phase 3 of the Scrum Master Journey consists of a 3-day intensive workshop session in London, and an ongoing programme of self-learning, mentorship and community interaction. It may take up to one year to complete.

The Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master (CSP-SM) certificate is awarded at the end of this phase.

Phase 3 Requirements

The participant must be able to prove two years' work experience as a Scrum Master to achieve the CSP-SM designation. It is recommended the work experience is gained in parallel with this course of study.


Successfully completed phase 2 of the Scrum Master Journey.


Continue to work with your mentor, or find a new one for this phase. Ideally this will be someone who is a little further on their Scrum Master Journey than you, but it is equally effective to work with someone who is also undertaking phase 3 in parallel with you. Your mentor's job is to guide you through the CSP-SM learning objectives. That's all. Your mentor is not your personal coach.

Individual Study

  1. Work through the CSP-SM learning objectives, discuss with mentor. Be confident that each learning objective is met
  2. Read Living the Scrum Values, by Tobias Mayer, 2021
  3. Watch and work through Continuous Improvement through the Scrum Values, Scrum Alliance, 2022
  4. Read, or listen to The People's Scrum by Tobias Mayer
  5. Read Artful Making by Rob Austin & Lee Devin
  6. Read at least one other non-Agile book that relates to self-organisation or management through release
  7. Write (or record/create) a book or workshop review describing how you were inspired and what ideas you will attempt to implement, or are currently implementing, in your workplace

Interactive Work


The learning objectives will be validated by the mentor. Written/recorded work will be reviewed by the CST and/or the mentor. Students are free to publish the work on their blog, the Scrum Alliance website, or elsewhere to receive wider feedback from the community.

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Date & Time

14-17 Nov. 10 am to 5 pm
Plus ongoing self-study


  • £1,200 Corporate Rate
  • £800 Personal Rate
  • £500 Subsidised Rate *

* For self-payers earning under £25,000 pa. Requires agreement with the organiser.


The location will be in London, close to a tube station in zone 1 or 2. Details closer to the date.

Getting Started

1. Click the blue button to register.
2. Read the CSP-SM Learning Objectives, and start working towards meeting the objectives.

More Information

To learn more, and find out whether this program is right for you please get in touch with Tobias Mayer to set up a time to talk.

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